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The Privilege of Free Speech

My name is Caelum Rainieri, one of the co-authors of The Nahualli Animal Oracle. I'm also one of the maintainers of the Live Journal community Tribal Paganism. As you may have noticed, Robin Artisson has decided to use my book as a negative example of whatever point his lengthy essay is trying to make, even though he's never read it, and knows nothing about the Aztec civilization himself. Fortunately, we live in a society where free speech is protected, and he has every right to voice his own opinion about my work, or any published author, just as I do about his self-published books. And any of you who read it have the right to agree or disagree, or ask for more information.

Any one who is interested in Aztec Reconstructionism is invited to join my Yahoo group of the same name, or come to Tribal Paganism, where we talk about a wide variety of indigenous cultures and their impact on contemporary paganism, or, even better, purchase a copy of The Nahualli Animal Oracle, which was published by Bear & Co., in 2003. You can view some of the cards at our website, or read the reviews we've received at

Some of you might be wondering why Robin Artisson would choose our book, when there are so many other books out there to pick from? That question has a simple answer. It's because I have pointed out that Robin Artisson has a habit of donning different spiritual "hats" for each book that he writes. When he wrote a book about Witchcraft, he labeled himself a traditional witch. When he wrote a book about Germanic heathenry, he labeled himself a Helrunar and Seidr-worker. When he wrote a book about Druidry, he labeled himself a Druid, and a Shaman. Since he publishes and promotes his own books, I guess he feels the need to prop up his qualifications as an author of that tradition by taking on the highest title offered by said tradition. Robin took great umbridge at my criticism and sent me a private e-mail demanding that I publicly apologize or he'd spread his essay criticizing our book across the Internet. I didn't apologize, and so you now see his essay published in your community.

If anyone here would like to see the e-mail in question, as well as Yahoo Abuse's decision on the matter, I'll be happy to forward it to you, complete with headers. Just request the Robin Artisson Yahoo Decision by sending your e-mail message to me at

Now that Robin and I have both exercised our right to free speech, this is the last I'll speak of it on this community.

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