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Mysticism, mystics, and experience with the Divine


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Mysticism, mystics, and experience with the Divine
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Whatever those two were going on about, and I don't particularly care about their personal grudges, they do touch on an interesting point.

How important would you say is ancestry?
Is blood or the land more important? Are neither important, just mindset?

And, of course, the related question: Can you follow the Celtic year in the southern hemisphere? On the equator?

Can someone of African descent connect to the Astaru? Can a Celt understand Christianity? Can a white boy practice Vodou?

In my opinion, mysticism should go above all this- direct communion with ultimate reality should look beyond things like religion and race.
I've learnt things from Kemeticism, Mithraism, Christianity, Sufism, Buddhism as well as the european pagan and occult paths- lots of Middle Eastern/Eastern religions that a white person shouldn't really have any connection to.

But I'm fascinated what others think.
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